projekt produktentwicklung roericht ulm

Boxen 1990
Der Personal Container als Medium für eine neue Beweglichkeit

hans nick roericht, Burkhard Schmitz, Petra Kellner, Franz Biggel, Fumjo Honjo, Michael Mayer, Ulrike Lindenmann, Carola Zwick, Claudia Plikat,


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13 PROCESS DE19904015837 17.05.1990
FOR MAKING A HINGED JOINT FOR ARTICULATING FLAT COMPONENTS. The proposal is for a process for making a hinged joint for articulating two flat components like panels or the like consisting of at least two individual hinges (1, 1'). Each hinge (1, 1') consists of two semicylindrical bodies (4, 5), the cylindrical outer surfaces of which roll upon each other and are interlinked by an S-shaped hinge strip. The second hinge is turned through 180 DEG with respect to its longitudinal axis so that a cross-strip hinge is produced. In order to ensure the simplest and most rational manufacture possible, the two semicylindrical bodies (4, 5) are produced at the same time with the hinge strip (6) interlinking them in one manufacturing cycle in one piece as an extruded section.